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Machinima Production

The Original Virtual Production

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  • $25
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Service Description

This short workshop will introduce you to the basics of making machinima productions including: Development - What stories lend themselves to machinima and how to write your screenplay to suit a virtual world. Pre-production - virtual location scouting, building 3D objects, 'casting', rehearsing, rights Production - Machinima in action - how do you capture your footage, how do you slate and ensure your footage is organized, directing puppeteers, lighting, camera moves and hardware required. Post-production - editing machinima footage, ADR, sound mixing, music and special effects Distribution - finding a niche for your film, submitting to festivals, distributors Exhibition - getting recognized for your work in other arenas, promoting the film This workshop will use the example hybrid film, Romeo & Juliette16 and clips from a documentary about the making of this film that shows you some behind the scenes footage of 'machinima production' and takes you from beginning to end visually. Upon completion of the workshop you will have an understanding of machinima, its potential as a cinematic form, and the foundation for producing your own machinima project. The virtual world that will be used for reference in this workshop is Second Life, however, you can apply the foundations of machinima production to any virtual world capture. ​

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