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Introduction to Virtual Production

1.0 Where to begin?

It is very easy to feel overwhelmed by all the talk of Virtual Production (VP), however, there are a wealth of resources to help introduce you to this exciting new frontier. I have two words to say: Unreal Engine (UE). If you have never heard of Unreal Engine, then I will just simply say, you are not alone. Many film professionals have not yet heard of Unreal Engine, which is a game engine that is used to make virtual production assets. Virtual Production is best described as a "pipeline" that allows motion picture creators to produce real-time moving pictures in a virtual setting, sometimes with in-engine elements only and sometimes using a combination of in-engine and RTC (Real Time Compositing) using a VP sound-stage/studio that has LED panels and trackers that are essentially 'in-synch' with the Unreal Engine content that is loaded on the LED panels. Many people cite the example of The Mandalorian, which was produced by harnessing the power and innovation of Virtual Production. 

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