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Women in Virtual Production

A Panel Talk at the 2022 Female Eye Film Festival

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Virtual Production affords content creators an innovative new pipeline to produce films in studio, using LED panels, a camera tracking system and applying real-time compositing using a game engine such as Unreal Engine, as well as, producing films entirely ‘in-engine’. Virtual Production is taking hold of the film industry and this panel features women creators and their work in VP. The discussion will explore the topics of democratized storytelling; female authorship and creative empowerment and show process films by filmmakers to demonstrate aspects of the VP workflow as it pertains to pre-visualization, production, and creative collaboration.

The Speakers

Take-Home Resources

Jamie Hurcomb generously posted her presentation on creating a clone of her face using Reallusion here. 

Dr. Eva Ziemsen's intro manifesto, which is also found on the main page of this website, was shown and is available here. 

Shenaz Baksh spoke about the potential of learning more about VP in the Sheridan Continuing Education Micro Credential, with more info here

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