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Chapter 2

Open Source Assignments

This page will offer some sample assignments that you can try with your students, be it high school or post-secondary. We only ask that you give credit according to the citation included with each assignment. 


1-Minute Virtual Productions


- Film/Screenwriting able or actively learning to write in screenplay format, break down a script, draft a basic storyboard, write a shot-list and be able to collaborate via video conferencing.


- Game Engine students who understand or are actively being taught how to operate in Unreal Engine, rig a scene using assets from UE Asset Store, and capture using sequencer. Must have access or own a computer that can run UE.

Software and Hardware Needed:

Film Students

Requires a computer that can access Internet to write in Cetlx. 

Internet connection

Video conferencing such as Zoom

Email and Discord account 

Game Students

Unreal Engine

Internet Connection

Video Conferencing such as Zoom

Epic Games account

Email and Discord account 

Project Description

This assignment is designed to allow students a film course related to ideation and screenwriting to collaborate with students in a Game Programming program to produce several virtual production films using Unreal Engine. There is an added collaboration with a Sound Course that will require the students to mix the films with Sound FX and Music only. 

FILM students will deliver a 1-page screenplay that will tell a 1-minute story about a theme (to be decided on by professor/students) that will be limited to 1 location, 1 character (human or non-human) and will be MOS (without synchronous sound or any dialogue). Sound FX and music will be permitted and will be done by a Post-Production Program, but students should not rely on sound in case we are not able to add this collaboration. 1 page of screenplay usually equals 1 minute of screen-time. FMST students will be asked to research ‘free asset downloads from Unreal Engine’, so that Game Programming students can use existing free assets of UE. Scripts will be sent for review for feedback to Game Programming students before they are finalized. Depending on the size of groups, either all of the scripts will be produced by Game Programming Students or half, in which case they will select the ones they wish to work on.


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